Holy cow! I quit my job

Am I crazy?  I’m quitting my job and taking off on an adventure to travel the world and do things I’ve never done before.  This has got to mean I’m off my rocker and need some help.  Well…. no, maybe I’m not so crazy.   Oh wait, it’s still crazy that I’m leaving a very good, stable job with insurance to go gallivanting.  I really hope my wife is alright with all of this too because she’s going with me, or at least getting dragged along with me.

We have spent the entire last year working and preparing for this trip and now that we are getting down to the final days, it’s crunch time.  All the saving, website building, and getting rid of junk has been quite an adventure in itself.  You don’t actually realize how much stuff you have until you force yourself to get rid of it all.

And emotionally, it’s kinda like being super excited and then getting sucker punched in the stomach and still being ridiculously excited, but having that horribly sick feeling.  That’s probably not the best sentence written, but hopefully it helps share how excited and nervous we are all at the same time.

We are now going to pack our entire lives into a hiking back pack and going where the wind takes us….  or the plane, that would probably work better.  There sure will be much less stuff to deal with now.  I’m sure after we have been traveling for a while, it won’t be so scary.  Wait a minute, I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. AAARRRGGHH!

The hiking back pack I’m using, An Osprey Aether 70

The hiking back pack she’s using. A Gregory Baltoro 75
















I quit my job so we could take a chance on the adventure of a lifetime.  The chance to go sleep on beaches, hike for weeks, or spend a month in a monastery.  To follow the spirit of adventure and let it change our lives is worth the risk.  We have put so much work and effort into it now that the greatest mistake would be to quit and spend the rest of our lives talking about what we wanted to do and that we never had the courage to do it.



  1. Happy for you guys Clayton!! Godspeed!

  2. Hey Clayton and Jessica, Wishing you both Bon voyage…! If the wind take you to India, do contact us for any help or guidance. We Indians can be pretty tough to deal with at times..even though we profess “Atithi Devo Bhavah(Sanskrit Language) – Guest is God”!

  3. Hello guys,
    Love the way you write, love your intended lifestyle, you certainly have balls.

    I hope you will approve but I have just curated your article and would like to continue doing so with future articles on adventurebods.com and follow your escapades around the globe.

    You can check it out on http://adventurebods.com/you-want-adventure-just-do-it/

    Please let me know if this does not suit,

    all the best and wishing you find the dream, Andy Seabrook


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