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Last day in London

Well we made it back home to Texas Tuesday night, it was a very long day of travel and we finally dropped into bed after about 28 of being awake. Right now we are kicking back with family in Fort Worth. We will be splitting our time between Fort Worth and Midland this month soaking up all family time we can until we start year two of travel in the middle of January.

I’ve got to tell ya landing in America was weird… I mean we have been gone for eleven months, and  it felt like we had stepped into a foreign country. From the tiny green dollars, to the strange accents of the Airport employees. We received our first welcome into the country by Customs… we handed our passports over and the lady behind the desk asked us where we’d been and how long we had been gone. So we proudly told her that we were travel bloggers and have been traveling Europe for the last year..She replied by stamping our form and saying “well welcome back to reality”…

Umm who wants to live in reality? I prefer my own world, one that is filled with wonder, excitement and strange lands. The reality I have been experiencing the last year included all of these things, like  turning into a Spanish flirt in Spainlearning  a foreign tongue in France, eating our way through Rome, and developing a serious Bagel addiction in London. Our experience has been fun, stressful, eyeopening, inspiring, full of hard work, and basically restored my faith in humanity. I feel like I have learned more in the last year of travel than I have in the last five years of my life. We have had the time of our life on this trip and it only made us thirsty for more adventures. We have been bitten by the travel bug, and have no desire to find an antidote. And I will choose that over reality any day lady.


What’s your reality?


  1. Welcome back y’all! Now when do we leave again? Ha! Didn’t realize you were from Texas when I started sharing on Triberr!

    • Thanks for sharing Mike! We fly to Croatia on the 15th of January. Always fun to meet fellow Texans :)

  2. Great post ! It is good to hear tha you enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Thank you for commenting Mellisa! We love sharing our experiences to anyone who will listen. :)

  3. Can you message me your schedule of being places? We are flying into Dallas on the 25th, and have a little bit of time there. Let me know what your schedule looks like, and maybe we could figure out a way to meet.

  4. Welcome HOME!
    I hope you enjoy a ton of family time before jetting to the other side of the pond again.


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