Musings on Spanglish

As I sit here hanging out and eating cold pizza, I’ve come to a realization.  I really enjoy interacting with people from another culture.  I find it to be very challenging and fun at the same time.  It’s definitely been this way for me in speaking Spanish.  I have been working on it since just before we left and being here in Spain and hearing it everyday has been the best thing ever.  You know how all the language learning guides say that immersing yourself into the language is the best way to learn it.  Well, they are right.  So being in Spain and hearing Spanish all the time has been extremely helpful at learning and conversing in Spanish.

Watching the sea from Vilanova i la Geltru, Spain

Watching the sea from Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain

You also get to spend a lot of time thinking when you’re not able to speak another language.  Luckily we have been able to spend some time at the ocean thinking and just enjoying where we are.  Life can be too fast sometimes, and sitting back and enjoying your time here on earth can be tough.  Making time for it definitely has its perks though.
The funny thing is that we are in Catalonia and they speak Catalan.  Luckily, everyone that I have talked to also speaks Castilian Spanish, which is what I’m working on.  So sometimes I’m talking in Spanish and reading it, other times I’m trying to figure out if it’s Catalan or Spanish.  I have been told by our friends here that people would not expect us to know Catalan and would speak Spanish to us.  So far it has seemed that way, but no matter.  It’s all one great big adventure.  And if I don’t like the way things are going, then I just go buy some pastries and eat my worries away.

The pastries here have been exceptional. Jessica and I have developed this ingenious plan for trying foods.  She gets somethings that she knows is good and I get whatever the heck I want.  Then I’m stuck with whatever I got and she can try it if it turns out good.  Which happens a lot.  I’ve also ended up with tuna in a lot of random things and some dryer than sand items.  All in all, my desire to try a new thing, especially foods, has yielded some super tasty treats.

So many menus are picture menus.  That makes things easy, and most of the time there is a sign for the bathroom so I don’t have to worry about no knowing where it is.  I might not be able to have very deep conversations, but I sure have been able to have several.  Just hearing the words said by people over and over has been the most help.  I find that I have a really hard time separating words out.  When someone is talking at normal speeds, I just hear one really long word.  Now i’m able to pick out more and more words and actually carry on decent conversations.

I’m sure my broken Spanglish is a bit of an entertainment, but everyone seems to be having a lot of fun so I don’t mind.

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