The 5 Best World Trip Planners

Planning your trip is probably one of the hardest and also time consuming parts of going on world travel.  It’s also freaking exciting to no end when you’re drooling over the things you hope to see and do.  It’s a dreamers nightmare because you’ll forget everything to just go on and on in your head about how awesome it will be.  Here are some practical world trip planner sites and apps that will make your life much easier and more fun.  What makes them the best, easy, I like them better.

First, there are a couple different world trip planner apps and sites that will work.  These are the ones you can use without having to get all sorts of private info out there or get bombarded by sales emails afterwards.  To get more information, you will normally have to sign up for any of these.

best world trip planner

Airtreks Trip Planner – The fastest and easiest way to start getting a feel for a world trip, you can simply click what cities you want to go to and you get a range of prices.  You can always submit times and information to get a better offer, but for a quick idea, this is the fastest spot to visit.

Gopro Travelling Trip Planner – A fairly easy to use planning tool.  You can add to your destinations and length of stay in each location.  Then, you can watch a video of your mapped out travels around the world.  That’s pretty cool

Tripomatic – If you want to make a iternerary that has all your stops on it, then this might be for you.  I think it might work better for a shorter trip without to much time, like less than a few weeks.  You can add everything you want to do on each day and you get a map and info for everything which is very nice.

Tripit – An excellent travel organizer.  This app/site is great for organizing your trips and keeping up with all of your loyalty programs and rewards which is a huge hassle for anyone trying to do some travel hacking.  You just connect your accounts and forward your email confirmaiton and your plans are automatically added to your trip.

Bootsnall Trip Planner –  All about Indie travel, which means doing your own thing, you do get an easy to use world trip planner plus you can look at other trips that people have done to give yourself some ideas of what to do and where to go.  This planner picks it’s places with airports so I’m not sure how to add a spot that doesn’t have an airport would go.

Honestly, I’d recommend clicking through and checking out all the world trip planner choices above.  You never know which one will make the most sense to you until you’ve looked at all of them.  These are all great choices and the ones that I like to use when I’m trying to figure out what my grand schemes are going to be.  If you want more Travel Advice, then just look around.

Please tell me about your trip planning experiences below.


  1. Well, I know what I’ll be doing the rest of the day.

    • Yeh, I wasted so much time researching for this article. It’s kind of a travelers day dream.

  2. Very informative post ! At times, I really get confused about how to plan a perfect itinerary. It is worth and useful.

    • Thanks for the comments. Some people just get stuck with information overload. These are quick and pretty easy to figure out.

  3. G’Day Clayton and Jessica,

    Thanks for including BootsnAll on this list. I’ll be checking out GoPro and Tripomatic. I’m not sure I’ve seen those before.

    At BootsnAll – we agree with your thoughts, try them all!

    Cheers to you both.

    • Great to hear from you. I was actually surprised to find several out there on the internets. These are the ones that were a lot easier to use and get started with.

  4. Great article! These are really useful and fun travel resources. I quickly lose myself in these tools dreaming of traveling to exotic lands. Thanks for sharing!


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